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About me

I am a photographer because it's in my soul and my passion.  My photographs capture the simple things.  I love discovering what may not be noticeable at first glance, photographing the tiny
instances that otherwise might be discarded or forgotten.  I live for the moments to capture your candid expressions.  I do love smiles, but what I love more are the special looks in mom's eye or a dad's wink.  Basically, I want to capture the smiles in our hearts.

 My family is what fuels me.  That along with vacations out in nature.  We love camping, 4 Wheeling in our rzr through the
wilderness with the wind in my hair and kayaking with the sun high above.  These moment give me clarity and balance.

The name, Giggle Box, came from my childhood.  My mom came out to my backyard fort to tell all my neighborhood friends that it was time for lunch and she said we sounded like a "Giggle Box".  We were just being our normal giggly selves and loving every second of our childhood.  What better name for my company than what reminds me of the innocence that is in all of us, whether hidden or forgotten, it's still there. 

Your photographer, Colleen


Preferred Photographer @

Black Mountain Golf and Country Club

Boulder Creek Golf Club

The Terrace Las Vegas

Las Vegas Golf and Leisure Magazine

Dimos Greko the Mini Elvis Minister

Siena Golf Club, Red Rock Country Club, and The Arroyo Golf Club

Suncoast Hotel and Casino

Darrick Bender Real Estate, Universal Realty